How to Pick the Right Plantation Shutters For Your Home

Whether you live in a historic house that originally had plantation shutters or you reside in a new construction that you'd like to add a little more character to, interior shutters are certainly enjoying a design moment. These window treatments, which are attached to the inside of a window pane, were originally popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but have enjoyed a recent revival over the past few years.

Shuttercraft Cornwall shutters are especially good for people who do not want to sacrifice their privacy by having their windows hanging wide open, but reside in areas where the weather gets balmy for much of the year. The beauty of interior window shutters is that their louvers can be positioned to allow cool air into a space without exposing the activities of the occupants of the home. When the louvers are closed, total privacy can be had. The rest of this guide will help you select the ideal plantation shutters for your needs.

Consider Which Material Works Best

Different shutter styles work well in different kinds of houses. If, for example, you live in the mountains, a coastal looking whitewashed plantation shutter style might not be the best fit for you. Instead, something made out of dark wood would probably fit-in better. Or, if you reside in a country farmhouse, you may want to consider investing in interior shutters that are crafted out of raw, distressed wood or even reclaimed barn wood.  If you want to learn more about window shutters, you can visit .

Read Up on the Most Popular Brands

As plantation shutters at have started enjoying more popularity than they have since two centuries ago, more and more window treatment companies have begun producing them. It's a good idea to learn as much as you can about these brands before you decide which interior window shutters you want to buy. Some are more reputable than others, just as you'll find in any industry. The more you know about each brand, the easier it will be for you to figure out which one you want to give your hard-earned money to.

Don't Hesitate to Ask For Help

If you don't have much of an eye for design, there is help out there! You may not be able to justify hiring an interior decorator just to work with you to select plantation shutters, but keep in mind that many window treatment stores have designers on-staff. All you need to do is mention that you're struggling with your project and someone will be ready to aid you. You may not even have to pay extra for this service! Some shops offer it for free; they know that satisfied customers will return again and again.